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Why Choose Miracle 7?

Introducing Miracle 7 – the ultimate solution to supercharge your restaurant sales! 

Are you looking to offer your customers something unique and healthy? 

Look no further. 

Our Miracle 7 smoothie drink mix is specifically designed to give your business an exciting edge.

Unleash the Power of Superfoods: 

At Miracle 7, we take health seriously. Our relentless pursuit of the purest, most natural, and ethically sourced superfoods enables us to craft a drink mix that packs a nutritional punch. We only use the best ingredients available, ensuring a tantalizing taste that is fresh and honest.

Enhance Your Menu:

Stand out from the crowd and entice health-conscious customers. Miracle 7 is the perfect addition to your menu, offering a refreshing and nutritious alternative to traditional beverages. With our drink mix, you’ll attract health-conscious individuals while satisfying their taste buds.

Increase Repeat Business:

A unique and delicious superfood drink mix like Miracle 7 is an excellent way to keep customers coming back for more. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to indulge in a guilt-free treat and may even become regular patrons of your restaurant.

Boost Your Revenue:

Offering Miracle 7 gives you an opportunity to increase your profits. Stand apart from your competitors and tap into the growing demand for healthier options. By featuring our exceptional superfood drink mix, you’ll attract new customers, boost overall sales, and drive up your revenue.

Only 7 Ingredients

Acai superfood powder

Acai (Amazonas, Brazil) – cleans digestive system, regulates cholesterol levels, improves memory.

Cacao superfood powder

Cacao (Loreto, Peru) – enhances mood, strengthens cardiovascular system, prevents aging, boosts physical energy.

Chia seeds superfood powder

Chia Seeds (Chiapas, Mexico) – aids weight-loss, aids digestion, regulates blood sugar levels.

Goji berries superfood powder

Goji (Ningxia, China) – prevents aging, improves immune function, fights cancer, promotes healthy skin.

Lucuma superfood powder

Lucuma (Oxapampa, Peru) – stabilizes blood sugar levels, stimulates digestion, strengthens bones, prevents aging.

Maca Root superfood powder

Maca (Jumin Plateau, Peru) – enhances mood, boosts physical energy, improves memory, promotes healthy skin.

Maqui superfood powder

Maqui (Patagonia, Chile) – fights cancer, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol, promotes healthy skin.

Miracle 7 Smoothie Cost Breakdown

Suggested Sale Price: $9.50


Average Profit/Drink = $5.16

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